Sidewalk Clean Up 2015

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Many thanks goes out to these neighbors who spent time on Saturday helping find our lost sidewalk during the 2015 East Lawrence Sidewalk Archaeology Day. The weather and camaraderie were perfect. We removed as much as 8” of soil from the old sidewalk and found it to be in fairly good and serviceable condition. If you haven’t seen it yet take a walk toward the north end of New York Street on your way to spend time at our riverfront. Incidentally our next riverfront cleanup day will be announced soon.

Mike Myers, Work Day Coordinator

Natasha Naramore

Brian DeVader

Richard Kershenbaum

Jennifer Lattimore

Pam Blackburn

Joe Bickford

Marci Francisco

KT Walsh

Jacki Becker

Jesse Carlton

Eric Jay

David Whitenight

Adam Weigel

Andy Lewis

Emily Myers

Josh Davis

Lane Eisenbart



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