Raffle Thanks!


We were unable to hold our annual Yart Sale this year, and we were feeling a bit bummed about it.  We missed connecting with our neighbors and our neighborhood artists, and we missed out on our biggest fundraiser, so we decided to hold an Online Raffle.  Our friends and neighbors donated 70 items for us to raffle off!  Most of those items were original art made by local artists. So, that’s rad.  We made over $750 dollars!  Pretty good for not knowing what the heck we were doing.  We hope you enjoyed participating, and we’d like to thank everyone who donated items and purchased tickets.  Special thanks to these friends:

KT Walsh

Ardys Ramberg

EK Sundae

Ro O’Leary

Lane Eisenbart

Dave Loewenstein

Eric Farnsworth


Chris Sechler

Caryn Miriam Goldberg

Lisa Marie Benke

Tony Peterson

David Haigh and Kiley Powers

Blackbird Trading Post

Marybeth Swayne

Janet Good

Cindy Bicker

Nan Renbarger

Krystle Perkins

Derald Carlson

Tim VonHolten

Aaron Paden



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