Neighborhood Clean Ups in April

Neighborhood Clean Ups

Burroughs Creek Clean Up:

In collaboration with ELNA, the Brook Creek Neighborhood Association will host a clean up of the Burroughs Creek trail and surrounding areas Saturday April 16th from 10:00am to 2:00pm. ELNA will bring bagels and coffee for breakfast, and BCNA will provide sandwiches for lunch. Volunteers from KU’s Big Event will be there, and we hope you’ll come too. The gathering will begin and supplies will be stored at the Brook Creek gazebo.

New York School Clean Up:

Also on April 16th, from 9:00am to noon, New York School families and friends will gather to clean up the grounds and work on the gardens. Volunteers from KU will be at this event too. Thanks, KU! As well as groups from New York’s various business and charitable organization partners. Bring your gardening tools and elbow grease, Mrs. DeGarmo is working on a to-do list!

River Clean Up:

Saturday April 23rd from 8:00am to Noon. (Yes! the same day as the Earth Day events in the park and Intersection Repair painting day at 10th and New Jersey! You can do it all!) Our clean up guy Mike Myers will bring gloves, trash bags, and some tools, for trash clean up and trail clearing. Please wear pants and long sleeves to protect yourself from poison ivy and appropriate footwear to avoid injury. Also bring any yard hand tools such as loppers and clippers you may have if you want to help with clearing. As always, ELNA will bring bagels and coffee for the early comers. Look for Mike’s red pick up near the tracks at 7th and New York Street, an entry point for the trail. All are welcome.



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