ELNA + E9th Fall Event

Join us! Saturday October 3rd, 5-10pm in beautiful East Lawrence. We’ll start off the evening with a free to go meal, with Sunrise Project, Epicenter, and Food Not Bombs, and then travel through the neighborhood and visit art exhibits and installations, as well as live music. Throughout your celebration, please remember to practice COVID safety by wearing a mask, keeping your distance, and limiting the number of people gathering. Here’s a quick list of all the fun things to see and do:

Time, Attraction, Location

4-7pm            Symbiotic Sidewalks — brick sidewalk repair        842 New York St

5-6pm            Free Community Meal To Go           Sunrise Project, 1501 Learnard

5-6pm            Porch Music — Jazz Trio        901 Pennsylvania St

5-6pm            Porch Music — KT/DG, porchin’ The Clash!              1406 New York St

5-7pm            ELNA + LWV Voter Registration, plus REPETION COFFEE!          Murphy Brommelsick House, Hobbs Park, 10th and Delaware

5-7pm            Hobbs Park Learning Garden — Rock Painting and Seed Bomb Making            shelter at Hobbs Park, 10th and Delaware

5-7pm            Yarn It Forward — crochet mural display and pom pom hunt    shelter at Hobbs Park, 10th and Delaware

5-7pm            New York Elementary — completed sculpture and projection    936 New York Street

5-7pm            Silly Masks! — make yourself a *party* face mask Hobbs Park, 10th and Delware St

5-7pm            Big Fish, Little Fish — sculpture by Kent Smith and Mike Riggs   Keller Building 219 E 9th

5-7pm            Lawrence Transit — in person survey regarding bus route updates      Hobbs Park, 10th and Delware St

5-7pm            Bike Repair Station — Mike and Eric and make simple repairs to your bikes    Hobbs Park, 10th and Delware St

5-9pm            Natives NOW — completed mural, community chalking   1045 Pennsylvania St

5-10pm          Apotheosis — Waste Plastic Sculpture by Jude Black        Slimmers Auto, 901 Delaware St

5-10pm          East Lawrence Family Tree — portrait projections            Art Emergency, 721 E 9th St

5-10pm          Inkello Press and Margo Jane Metal — open studio          Art Emergency, 720 E 9th St, St 4

5-10pm          Art Box — art box exchange and art supply table 901 Pennsylvania St

6-7pm            Porch Music — CS Luxem     904 Pennsylvania St

6-8pm            Fashion Photography — projection by Erika Kjorlie Geery           Cider Gallery, 810 Pennsylvania St

6-8pm            LPA at St Luke AME — fundraiser info, outdoor tours, Saxaphone set by Dave Gnojek 6-7pm           900 New York St

6-10pm          Sounds of East Lawrence — installation of visual projections, lighting, live electroacoustic sound and ambient music        Van Go parking lot, 715 New Jersey St

6-10pm          Alley Art, Lawrence Percolator — slide show of artist Erika Kjorlie Geery and Marla Jackson Percolator Gallery Alley — behind 913 Rhode Island St

7, 7:30, 8pm  Wishing Bench Film — showings of short film       Cider Gallery, 810 Pennsylvania St

7-8pm            Porch Music — House Band  901 Pennsylvania St

7-8pm            Porch Music — Clio and Jax  924 Rhode Island St

7-9pm            Traqueros — projection of storytelling dance about east side Mexican immigrants by James Moreno          Decade, 920 Delaware St

7-9pm            Changes — projection of interpretive dance about east Lawrence history by Jahnava Sibilla Decade, 920 Delaware St

8-9pm            Porch Music — Kat King       916 Pennsylvania St

8-9pm            Porch Music — Jeffrey Ridenour      1311 Rhode Island

9-10pm          Porch Music — Chris Waggoner       1047 Rhode Island



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