ELNA Board Election Update

We have heard numerous requests for the actual vote totals, however, the ELNA board cannot yet release the numbers. Provisional ballots were cast and the fate of those ballots is still in question, pending discussion with the City. (If the exact vote for each candidate numbers were released now, and provisional included in the count later, it would not be difficult to extrapolate who those provisional votes were for, in violation of their privacy.)

We can share with you, however, that the number of votes between the 13th leading vote and the 14th, is 27 votes and the number of provisional ballots is 6. Therefore, the outcome of the election is apparently not in question, only the official count. When we have our decision from discussion with the City, the exact numbers from the election will be published. We are currently unaware how long review of our questions will take. In the meantime, we welcome your questions and will answer to the best of our ability.



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