ELNA Board Candidates 2015-2016 Year


The ELNA Board is comprised of a maximum of 14 members.

Our bylaws require that the previous year’s president must retain his or her seat on the Board into the following year. Only 13 seats are open for re-election at this time.  The seat of the Board member who holds the Treasurer’s position WILL be up for re-election, contrary to previous statements.

The candidates for the ELNA Board are listed below. Many have filled out a candidate questionnaire, highlighted if linked, and provided his or her email address for your questions.

All in-neighborhood ELNA members may vote to select a maximum of 13 of these 21 to represent as the ELNA Board.

ELNA Board elections will take place at our monthly ELNA meeting Monday November 2nd at 7pm at New York School.


Current Board Candidates

Dave Loewenstein                dloewenstein@hotmail.com

Jacki Becker                         jackioh@uptoeleven.com

Josh Davis (Penn St)                             cjwa.davis@gmail.com

KH Harris                          harriskmtc@gmail.com

Cindy Suenram                    csuen3@sunflower.com

Phil Collison                          phil@collison.com

Christine Kosirog                 ckosirog@yahoo.com

Eric Jay                                  eric@structrestruct.com

Pam Blackburn                    pamblackburn55@gmail.com

KT Walsh                              732 Rhode Island


Other Candidates

John Gascon                          john.gascon@gmail.com

John Sebelius                         johnsebelius@gmail.com

Codi Bates                            codilee.bates@gmail.com

Amanda Davis                      amanda.woodward@gmail.com

Joshua Davis (NY St)                           jd12345@gmail.com 

Patrick Watkins                    prwatkins@hotmail.com

Mike Anderson                      mtanders4@yahoo.com

Bruce Eggers                         eggers.bruce@gmail.com

Matt Pryor                             matthewpryor@mac.com

Kent Fry                                 kentfry@gmail.com

Mark Francis                          mfrancis@ku.edu


Last Updated 10/28/15



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