East Ninth News 3/3/16

from ELNA rep to the East Ninth Citizen Advisory Committee, Phil Collision, from CAC meeting 3/2/16 —

We saw two plans at the Wednesday East Ninth CAC meeting. One featured bike lanes within the street, and the other an 8 foot shared use path on the south side of the street. It kept the dual sidewalk concept. This is not the final plan. Come to the 3/7 ELNA meeting and get a guided tour of the two plans by your reps to the CAC, John Sebelius, Phil Collison and Dave Loewenstein. Your comments are important! This project will impact our neighborhood for decades to come.

For your perusal, here are the plans as we know them now: 03.02.16 CAC Presentation print (1), and 03.02.16 CAC Presentation web view.  Plus an accompanying letter from el dorado: 1506- March3 Design Development Update.



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