Bylaw Update

ELNA is updating it’s bylaws.  The last update occurred in September of 2010 and it’s time to do it again.  Some items to be updated include:  listing of lifetime members, clarification of lifetime membership dues for businesses and non profits, removal of language differentiating between general and board meetings, and election procedures. You may review a draft of changes to be made with changes tracked bylaw update september 2015 and untracked bylaw update september 2015 untracked for easier reading, current as of September 2nd 2015.  For comparison, the current bylaws as of September 2010 are here.  Also, used as reference in the proposed changes and for your perusal, are the bylaws of the Lawrence Association Neighborhoods, the NLIA (North Lawrence Improvement Association), and the Brook Creek Bylaws (Brook Creek Neighborhood Association). The draft of changes was submitted for consideration at the July ELNA meeting, July 6th. Formal acceptance will be voted on by the Board and attending general membership at the September meeting TUESDAY September 8th 2015, at the New York School library.



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