Block Party 2022

Thank you, friends, for attending our annual neighbor party at the end of September.  We’ve got some excellent cooks and musicians in the neighborhood!  It was nice to see you all.  We’d like to thank the following for their help making the party happen.  


Aaron Paden, Barry Shalinsky, Tom, Peter, and Jenny Buller, David Paden, Michael Davis, Michelle and Lucy Needham, Heather and Brad Eldridge, Ro O’Leary and Flor Nicanor, Carolyn Olson, Lisa Marie Benke, Mick Palmer, Phil Collison, Marshall Maude, Tim VonHolton, Sherrie Nunez, KT Walsh, Brad Gibson, Anil Kamat, Kristina Eronat Davis, Terri Dixon, Michelle Fales, Samantha Saltz, Sarah Edmonds, Edmond Stansbury, Zippy, Christian Beer, Eric Farnsworth, Josh Davis, Joe Bickford, Cindy Trask and Gotfred Beardshear

Lawrence Beer Company

Musicians/ Entertainment

John Thompson, Dance Hues Studio, Bopaphonics, The Fixers, Sugarfoot Detour


Sunflower Dance Studio, The City of Lawrence, Samantha Moore and Central Middle School, Ad Astra Pole, Kali Deno and the Art Cart

Raffle Items

Alicia Kelley, LadyIronbeard, Shane Heiman and LMH Gift Shop, Bites of Joy, Nedra Dangerfield, Micki Lubbers, Mike Rundle