Black Lives Matter in East Lawrence

November 1st, 2016

The purpose of the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association is to facilitate understanding with the City of Lawrence and Douglas County; to maintain and enhance living conditions; to foster communication in East Lawrence and to maintain good relations amongst neighbors, businesses, organizations and other neighborhoods in Lawrence.

In alignment with this purpose, The East Lawrence Neighborhood Association stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, all Indigenous Communities, the entire LGBTQIA+ community, neighbors who are differently-abled, and all marginalized peoples.


ELNA Board 2015-2016

Aaron Paden, President

Phil Collison, Vice President

Pam Blackburn, Secretary

KH Harris, Treasurer

Christine Kosirog

Jacki Becker

Josh Davis

Joshua Davis

Eric Jay

Dave Loewenstein

Matt Pryor

Cindy Suenram

John Sebelius

KT Walsh

Lane Eisenbart, Coordinator


view the pdf letter here: elna-blm



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