ArtPlace Project Facilitator Wanted

An Arts Center administrator and an East Lawrence administrator have been hired, and now we need a Project Facilitator. Do you have qualifications? Do you know someone who does? Please pass it on!

ArtPlace Project Facilitator

The ArtPlace Project Facilitator is a contract position that will provide the primary project management for the completion of the Ninth Street Art Project, according to the outline presented by the Lawrence Arts Center to ArtPlace. The 4 part project is outlined as: Listening, Research, Pathways Toward Co-creation and Reflection & Evaluation. The Project Facilitator will act as the facilitator for all meetings for the duration of the project and provide written reports and recommendations to the Ninth Street Team. The Project Facilitator will be assisted by the Lawrence Arts Center Administrator and the East Lawrence Administrator to ensure that the process is followed and that all deadlines are met.

For a full job description, visit the Lawrence Arts Center website:…/Project-Facilitator-Job-De…

Send a resume and cover letter by September 24th, 2018 to:
Margaret Weisbrod Morris
Chief Executive Officer
The Lawrence Arts Center



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