Are you an ELNA Block Head?

Are you easy-going and enjoy getting to know your neighbors? Do you love where you live and wish to reach out to more East Lawrence residents? Would you like to help build a safer and more connected

neighborhood –starting with just your street? Then, you should be an ELNA BlockHead!


If you live in East Lawrence, consider volunteering as a BlockHead for your street…just your street.

  • Reach out / talk to neighbors on your street
  • Identify neighbor interest in ELNA newsletter/email communications and events
  • Identify neighbors with special needs in case of emergency or disaster
  • Identify neighbors willing to offer basement safe-havens for those who live on slabs or neighbors with special skills useful in a crisis
  • Create a ‘call list’ for interested neighbors on your street—use for urgent communication, special neighborhood needs or disaster support
  • Welcome new neighbors and share about ELNA


Strengthen East Lawrence

Block by Block

Be a BlockHead!


Contact Sarah Rooney for more information or 785-841-0118



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