Our next ELNA meeting will be Monday November 14th, from 7-9pm, in person at the Santa Fe Depot, and on zoom.  You can find the agenda as it is known, along with zoom info, here:

At this November ELNA meeting, we’ll elect our Board members.  Pam Blackburn, Barry Shalinsky, Aaron Paden, Phil Collison, Kate Lowder, KT Walsh, Krista Gentry, Sacie Lambertson, Julianna Patterson, and Brenda Nunez will all be returning to the Board.  New comer Gabrielle Yacoob has thrown her hat in as well. 

More about the candidates:

Pam Blackburn, – Pam has served on the ELNA Board since 2014 and lives on Connecticut St with her family and dogs.  She’s served for many years as our secretary, and is a big help at kickball concessions in the summer.  

Phil Collison, – Phil has served on the ELNA Board for, like, a really long time.  15, 16 years? At least.  In that time, he’s served in every officer position except secretary.  Phil lives on Pennsylvania St and enjoys playing music, hiking, camping, biking and a quality craft beer.  

Krista Gentry, – “I’m a busy mom to multiple pets and a human. I’ve lived in east Lawrence for six years. I’m interested in serving on the ELNA board because it’s a way to be involved in my immediate community that is compatible with my work schedule. Serving on a board that represents my family and neighbors is rewarding to me.”

Sacie Lambertson, – “Having moved from the country to East Lawrence just four and a half years ago, we are relatively new to this eclectic and interesting community.  We love the fact it has a dynamic neighborhood association, one that is truly involved in helping this good neighborhood to thrive.”

Kate Lowder, – “I’m a proud resident of lovely East Lawrence. I love the uniqueness and strong sense of community it provides. There truly is not any other part of Lawrence, like East Lawrence!”

Brenda Nunez, – Brenda is a lifelong resident of East Lawrence and has served on the ELNA Board on and off for the entirety of ELNA’s existence.  We’re fortunate she shares her perspective and wisdom with us.  

Aaron Paden, – Aaron has lived in East Lawrence for the last 14 years or so, and served on the board since 2012.

Julianna Patterson, – Julia grew up in Lawrence and has recently returned here to live. Julia joined the Board just last year, but she’s already made herself indispensable.  

Barry Shalinsky, –  “My family and I love living in our historic East Lawrence home. East Lawrence is a special place with a special vibe.  ELNA plays a critical role in making and keeping East Lawrence, East Lawrence.  I am semi-retired and have time and energy to contribute to our neighborhood.”

KT Walsh, – “Howdy East Lawrence denizens, I’ve been here on Garfield St, then Rhode Island for many years. Best neighborhood in the city. I’d like to continue working on revising our ancient Neighborhood Plan & meet new residents.”

Gabrielle Yacoob, – Gabrielle has just recently moved to the neighborhood with her boyfriend who was born and raised in the area.  She read about Board serving in the newsletter! Welcome, Gaby! 




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