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ELNA Board Election Results Final Tally and Breakdown

Mike Anderson 39 Pam Blackburn 66 Phil Collison 65 Josh Davis (Penn St) 64 Joshua Davis (NY St) 44 Jennifer Distlehorst 39 Katherine Harris 59 Eric Jay 70 Johni Lacore 43 Chris Lempa 57 Dave Loewenstein 63 Timothy Morland 27 Catherine Reed 41 Cindy Suenram 53 KT Walsh 66     Break down: Aaron Paden, … Continue reading »

ELNA Board Election 2016 — Results

In order of most votes to least, the 2016-2017 Board is: Eric Jay, KT Walsh, Pam Blackburn, Phil Collison, Josh Davis Penn St, Dave Loewenstein, Katherine Harris, Chris Lempa, Cindy Suenram, Joshua Davis NY St, Johni Lacore, and Catherine Reed. The final position is tied. The resolution of that tie is pending discussion. We’ll keep … Continue reading »

Black Lives Matter in East Lawrence

November 1st, 2016 The purpose of the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association is to facilitate understanding with the City of Lawrence and Douglas County; to maintain and enhance living conditions; to foster communication in East Lawrence and to maintain good relations amongst neighbors, businesses, organizations and other neighborhoods in Lawrence. In alignment with this purpose, The … Continue reading »