2015 Adopt-a-Family Project Details

Its time for our annual tradition of adopting a family through The Ballard Center. Following on our strong voter turnout at the election, we have decided to adopt TWO families this year!!! We need to provide a gift and outfit for each family member. We will have a “wrapping party” on December 9 at 6:30pm (address to come). Gifts can be brought to the wrapping party or dropped off at 1015 NY before 5pm on December 9*.
Here are the Wish Lists for our families. Please let Christine know what you would like to purchase by emailing her at ckosirog@yahoo.com or texting/calling her at 785-218-6786. This will help us avoid double purchases. Cash donations are welcome and can be turned into gifts, but are still due by 5pm on December 9.
*When you turn in your gifts, whether wrapped or not-please include family ID number, gender and age on the item.
Thank you neighbors!!!



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