Yart Sale 2019 THANK YOU!!

We had a successful Yart Sale this year, and we couldn’t have done it without you.  We thank you all for your helping hands, your music, your art, your donations, and many other contributions.  You’re the best neighbors!

Check out the Yart Sale 2019 pictures here.

Alonzo Beardshear

Ambrosia Winfrey and Addie Unekis

Anne Patterson

Arch and Cindy

Ardys Ramberg

Ava Lee and Ro O’Leary

Byron James and Ross Black

Charlotte Pessoni

Chelsea Rezebek

Christy and Brownie

Cindy and Gotfred

Cindy Bicker

Community Village Lawrence

Dawn Hawkins

Debra Bradley

Derald Carlson

Don Kantorv

Erin Adamson, plus Zulema and Seimoah

Former New York Custodian Ed Callahan HELLO, ED! SO NICE TO SEE YOU!

Greg Herrod


Hear and Now with Joe Bickford and Jane Live

Heather MacLaren

Ingrid Pearson

Issac Outka

Joe Bickford and Marci Francisco

John Thompson

Josh Davis

Karen Seibel

Kaye Davis

Kristin Colahan Sederstrom

KT Walsh

Laura Pennock

Marilyn Hammrick

Michelle Kelly

Mick Palmer

Mike Reihm

Mistah Wondah

New New York night custodian Jeremy

New York School Student Leadership Club

Phil Collison

Richard Renner

Rick Frydman and Lisa Harris

Ruth Swain

Sarah Hoskinson

Sarah Riley

Scott Watson and Heather Coates

Stacie Ahlvers

Stan Trekell

Suzan Hampton

Taco Hero Aaron Paden

Tom Krause

Tony Peterson

Uma and Juliette Outka

Viann Abel




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