Yart Sale 2017 Thanks

Thanks to everyone who made the Yart Sale happen AGAIN this year.  We couldn’t do it without you.  It’s a community event in more ways than one.  Special thanks to Nancy DeGarmo and Ryan Kessler at New York School for putting up with our mess, to Leslie Kay and LFK Press for having tshirts ready, and to Papa Kenos for pizza on set up night!


Aaron Paden

Alonzo Beardshear

Ardys Ramberg

Brad Gibson

Brenda Nunez

Brooke Bell

Carol and Nancy Schwarting

Carol Whalen

Cassandra Walcott

Chelsey Scanland, Cosmo and Ronan

Chris Lempa

Christy Brandt

Cindy Trask

Community Village Lawrence

Daina Holmes, Milo and Ivy

Daneka Vann

Dave Loewenstein

Debra Bradley and grandchildren

Derald Carlson

Don Kantorv

Emily Russell and Phil Collison

Eric Farnsworth

Frank Janzen

Gary Brown

Hannah Sroor

Heather Jenn’sFriend

Heather MacLaren

Hilary Barnett

Irene Tsuneta

Janet Good

Jean Burgess

Jenn Grigg

Jim Krause

Joe Bickford and Tom Krause

John Thompson

Johni Lacore

Joni Fornelli

Judy Romero

KT Walsh

Linda Clark

Liz Tolbert

Liza MacKinnon

Malcom Maude

Marshall Maude

Max McGill

Meredith Johnson

Michelle Gundy

Mick Palmer

Mike Anderson

Mike Myers and Big Nancy

Mike Rundle

Nancy Schwarting

New York PTO

Nick Ward

Pam Blackburn

Phil Collison

Rae Johnson

Rebecca Mcanulla

Ro O’Leary

Shana Talley

Stacey Wohlford

Stephanie Barrows

Sue McConnel

Tenants to Homeowners

Teresa Dixon, River and Jerry

Tony Peterson

ViAnn Abel




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