Wishing Bench Update

We’ve reached our Wishing Bench Repair Fund goal, and then some.  Thanks friends!  

We’d like to especially thank ELNA Board member Catherine Reed for bringing the item to ELNA’s attention and for her pictures of the bench.  Thanks too to Joanna Hlavacek at the Journal World for covering the story, and to ELNA Board member Dave Loewenstein for making contact with her.  And we extend enormous thanks to Randy Radosevich at Allen Press for his generous contribution, as well as to Cottin’s Hardware for agreeing to donate hardware for the reconstruction.  Such fantastic teamwork!  

Here’s what’s happening next: in the Spring, Eric Jay of the ELNA Board and Struct/ReStruct, will organize the repair of the bench.  As his time allows, he’ll select a weekend for the work, with one day for demolition of the existing structure, and one day for reconstruction.  Eric anticipates not needing a lot of volunteers, but if you’d like to volunteer or you have ideas or suggestions, you may contact him by email at eric@structrestruct.com.



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