Vanessa Reynaga

Board Candidate Interview

Election 2017


Name: Vanessa Medina Reynaga


Contact information: ; phone number – (909) 331-9704



How long have you been in East Lawrence?

I moved to East Lawrence on September 1st of 2016.


Why do you live here? What do you love about East Lawrence?

I moved to East Lawrence because I love that it is walking distance from the Lawrence Public Library, where I currently work. It is also close to centers of entertainment, and cultural events that I’ve been missing a ton since moving from California over a year ago.


What projects, new or existing, do you want to get involved with this year?

I would love to create more spaces for women of color, and poc in our neighborhood. I miss having art spaces where we can thrive. I come from a part of California that has a booming population of people just like me that want to create and share with other poc’s. It is not exclusive but we definitely have spaces we can call our own.


What do you feel you have to offer to the Board and the neighborhood as a candidate?

I feel I have outsider insight. Coming from another state gives me the needed perspective that can be missing at meetings.


Anything else you’d like folks to know about you?

I miss biking and hiking and I know that in the midwest nature and POC aren’t considered one in the same. I would like to perhaps start a biking group similar to the Ovarian Psychos based in LA.