Voters should prepare to vote on one of the most significant ballot questions in recent Kansas history.  In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s recent decision over ruling Roe v. Wade, Kansas will be the first state to decide on state level constitutional protections for reproductive choice.  A YES vote removes those protections and would give the Legislature the authority to enact a total abortion ban.  A NO vote maintains the limited protections currently found in the state constitution. Every registered voter may participate in the August 2 Election, whether or not you are registered to a political party. PLEASE VOTE!


July 12: Last day to register

July 13: Advance Voting begins, in person at Douglas County Elections Office (23rd and Louisiana) and by mail

July 26: Deadline to request an advance ballot to be mailed

July 30: Saturday Advance Voting 9am to 1pm Lecompton City Hall, Eudora City Hall, Baldwin Fire Station, County Clerk Elections Office (23rd and Louisiana at the Malls Shopping Center

August 1: Advance Voting Closes

August 2: ELECTION DAY -every registered voter may participate!


August 2nd 2022 is the August Kansas Primary Election.  Voters will cast ballots on a proposed Kansas Anti-Abortion Amendment.  Voters who are registered unaffiliated or third party WILL be allowed to vote on the Amendment.  Poll workers will know which ballot to give you. Voters who are registered with a political party will also vote on their party’s nominees for public offices, including US Senate, Congress, Governor/Lt. Gov., Secretary of State, Attorney General, and precinct committee posts.   


If you’re not yet registered to vote or you’ve changed addresses or names etc, you can register here: www.ksvotes.org.  Not sure about your registration?  Check that here: https://www.douglascountyks.org/depts/voting-and-elections/your-voter-information

If your registration is accurate and complete, you may vote in advance by mail in ballot or in person.

To request a ballot be mailed to you, you must fill out the Application for Advance Voting by Mail form.  It’s best to print it and sign it, as digital signatures are not accepted, and bring it to the County Clerk’s office, mail it in, or fax it.  You can find that form with instructions here: https://www.douglascountyks.org/depts/voting-and-elections/advance-voting#Link-To-Advance-Voting-by-Mail

In person advance voting takes place from Wednesday July 13th to Friday July 29th, 8am to 5pm, at the Douglas County Elections Office at 711 W 23rd St, Suite 1.  Also 8am to Noon on Monday August 1st

If you like the thrill of voting on Election Day in person, you can cast your ballot in person at your precinct location.  Most of East Lawrence is in precinct 39.  If you live east of Mass and north of 11th, you’ll vote at the Cider Gallery 810 Pennsylvania St.  The southern portion of East Lawrence, south of 11th but north of 14th, is precinct 40 and votes at Trinity Lutheran Church at 1245 New Hampshire.  A tiny portion of neighbors south of 14th but north of 15th, east of Mass and west of the trail is precinct 33.  Those neighbors will vote at Vintage Church 1501 New Hampshire.  Polls are open 7am to 7pm. 

If you need help getting to your polling place, please email Lane at eastlawrence@yahoo.com and we’ll find you a ride!



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