River Clean Up Thanks

On a perfect spring Saturday morning over 40 neighbors, friends, relatives, and students met to spend some time in the woods down by the river on the north edge of our neighborhood.  We removed an enormous pile of trash in four hours and cleared honeysuckle vine from hundreds of feet of trail.

Many thanks go to the following people:

KT Walsh, Shay Dugan, Chris Evans, Ellie Anderson-Smith, Marissa O’Dell, Brittney Stephens, Brittney Beckham, Cole Bunker, Ryan Kelly, Hank Feldman, Ginger Chance, Bert Haverkate-Ens, Diane Wang, Jenine Meston, Dan Ward, Katy Meston-Ward, Lexi Meston Ward,  Ariana Rangel, Andy Lewis, Pam and Luke Roberts, Matt and Cash McCoy, Paige Hillebert, Barry, Cleo, and Abby Beckham, Norma Smyth, Janet Good, Aaron Paden, Oscar, and Arlo, Josh and Andre Davis, Faith Ross, Peter Purcell and Joshua Davis.  Several of the names above were associated with the KU Center for Community Outreach.  The City of Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department made a special Saturday pickup to ensure the bags made it to the landfill.

We are eternally grateful for everyone showing up and making the woods and riverfront a real showcase.  It was a great way to spend Earth Day Saturday.  Please consider spending some time enjoying the habitat and river in our neighborhood.  It is one of our most valuable neighborhood resources.

Let’s get together again in the fall!


Mike Myers

river clean up 1 River Clean Up 2 River Clean Up 3



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