Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

The East Lawrence Neighborhood Revitalization Plan was created in 2000 and continues to serve as an important anchor and focus that ELNA and neighbors can use to addresses issues of zoning, planning, new development and growth.

As the Overview and Purpose explain:
“This neighborhood revitalization plan includes initiatives in virtually every area of neighborhood life. This neighborhood revitalization plan is not a land use plan but a preservation and social action strategy to maintain features that are most important to homeowners, property owners, business owners, and tenants.

Developing a neighborhood revitalization plan allows homeowners, property owners, business owners, and tenants to maintain the focus of their efforts over time on the issues most important to them. It also serves as a guide for homeowners, property owners, business owners, tenants, and neighborhood organizations in partnership with the City to accomplish the identified objectives.

The information that follows defines the issues pertinent to the neighborhood and develops work plans for implementation. The Plan is unique in that it identifies, as specifically as possible, the actions needed and the parties who can most directly affect implementation.”