Ad Rates

Advertising Rates for the ELNA Newsletter

Have you considered advertising in the ELNA paper newsletter?  

The East Lawrence News is published bi-monthly in odd months.  Over 1200 copies are printed and distributed to over 1000 East Lawrence homes, several local businesses, and mailed to associate members far and wide. We have special rates for ELNA members!


  • You may submit a membership and fee at the time of purchase to receive a member discount. (Membership forms on our website.)


$25.00 for out-of-neighborhood businesses

$20.00 for in-neighborhood businesses

$10.00 for non-profit entities


 $250 for out-of-neighborhood

$200 for in-neighborhood 

$100 for non-profits

  • The deadline for each newsletter is approximately mid-month of the month preceding publication. 
  • Please have all ads print ready in pdf of jpeg format. The newsletter is printed in black and white and no color ads are accepted. 


Single Issue Rates

One issue, various sizes, member and non-member rates

Ad SizeDimensions, Non-Member RateMember Rate

Business card, 3.5″w x 2″h or 2″w x 3.5″h, $30, $25

¼ page, 4″w x 5″h or 5″w x 4″h, $75, $65

½ page, 8″w x 5″h or 4″w x 10″h, $130, $120

Full page, 8″w x 10″h, $240, $220 


Yearly Rates

Six issues, various sizes, member and non-member rates, at a 10% discount

Ad Size, Dimensions, Non-Member Rate, Member Rate

Business card, 3.5″w x 2″h or 2″w x 3.5″h, $162 ($27ea), $135 ($22.50ea) 


*NEW!  Back Page sponsorship Ad $160 

Full half page of the back of the newsletter (8″w x 5″h) in a single issue — 

  • maximum visibility as the newsletter circulates through the mail 
  • tag line “this issue of the East Lawrence News sponsored by…”
  • mention in the President’s Letter within the newsletter
  • picture of ad and thanks on social media


Contact Lane,, with questions about purchasing ad space.