Rebuilding East Ninth Together Project — Listening Session Two

**press release from the project**

Second Community Meeting Scheduled

The East Ninth Project Team is proud to announce that our first Community Input Session was well attended and feedback was successfully gathered.  Please assist in continuing this success by marking your calendar for our second Community Visioning Workshop, Thursday, January 17th, 6-9 PM, Lawrence Creates Makerspace.  In addition, please share this date and information with other interested parties. If you were unable to attend the first meeting, please access the the video, notes, and feedback form on the project website  to see the process and share your voice.  

As outlined in the plan, “Rebuilding East Ninth Together”, the first phase of the process involves 3 Community Input Sessions.  The “Rebuilding East Ninth Together” plan was created over several months by representatives from the Lawrence Arts Center, community members, and the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association, and outlines a path to a true community based public art project.  Now, after a great deal of work to win the approval of the neighborhood and stakeholders, we are ready to move forward to the exciting part… the ART!

This, the second of three meetings, will build on the knowledge gathered in the first meeting.  It is important to know that each meeting will have its own unique purpose and will not duplicate work from the previous meeting.  While meeting 1 focused on neighborhood values, meeting 2 will focus on information and feedback related to the art. We will update everyone on the Team’s progress, share ideas, and answer questions.  Your feedback is essential as it will directly impact our work.

Please join us on the evening of Thursday, January 17th, 6pm-9pm, at Lawrence Creates Makerspace, 512 E. 9th, for a community conversation about potential art projects and installations.  We will provide information about the project, have breakout sessions to brainstorm, share ideas, and answer questions. Folks interested in serving as jurors, assistants, resident specialists, youth corps members, or artists are also encouraged to attend.  

Because there is a lot of work to do and the process will start moving quickly, all information from Team meetings and community input sessions will be available on the for individuals who are unable to attend.  We know that transparency and accessibility are essential to this endeavor.

For more information on the project visit the website or contact any team members.




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