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Hello Neighbors!  Wanna do an online raffle with us?  

As you know, we were unable to have our Annual Yart Sale in March.  We missed seeing your faces!  Dancing polka with you!  Rummaging your treasures!  Trying on ridiculous outfits with you!  But, mostly, we missed taking your money.  Yes, really.  We need your moneys! The Yart Sale is ELNA’s biggest fundraiser of the year.  The average 1800 dollars we raise each Spring pays for more than two newsletters.  That’s, like ⅓ of our annual budget.  What’s more, we have this sneaking suspicion that we won’t be able to do concessions at KVKL Game of the Week this summer either.  It makes our bank account very sad.  We won’t let that get us down though.  In true East Lawrence fashion, we think we’re just going to have to get creative and do some art about it. So, again, Wanna do an online raffle with us?

First, we need donations.  

  • Do you make art?  Are you willing to donate some to us for the raffle?  We’re thinking specifically wall art, as it’s easy to photograph and transport, but if you made us a silver shark chandelier, we wouldn’t turn it down. (A silver shark chandelier was a real raffle item at the Block Party a few years ago.  No lie.) We’d also welcome your handmade jewelry, fabric craft, photographs, etc.  
  • Do you offer a service?  IDK do you want to donate a few hours of your time to do yard work for a raffle winner?  
  • Do you have any cool stuff you would have donated to the Yart Sale? You know, like that pineapple shaped cocktail set that is way cute but hasn’t been touched in years. (A pineapple cocktail set is also an actual item once sighted at the Yart Sale.) 

You know, cool stuff.  If you’ve got something in mind, email us at  Let’s talk about it.  

*A note about value* 

We don’t want to make this raffle too inaccessible. I mean, yeah, you have to be online, and have a social media account, and a PayPal, but still.  Raffle tickets will cost just $2 each. So please keep the value of items donated under $30.  If you really want to donate your $200 painting, we are totally into it, but please know that it will go to some rad East Lawrence neighbor for a song.  We’re not trying to get rich here, especially on the backs of our friends.  We just want to make a connection with our community, and make a few bucks to oil the squeaky financial wheels while we’re at it.  

How it will work:

The entire week of ***Monday June 1st through Friday June 5th, we’ll post raffle items on our Facebook and InstagramYou’ll have until to the end of the following week, by 8pm Friday June 12th, to enter your raffle tickets.***  You may purchase a raffle ticket by the PayPal button at the top of this page. 

You can purchase more than one ticket per raffle item, but you can only enter for one raffle item per purchase.  Sorry, it’s just too confusing for us to track if you, like, buy ten tickets at once, but you want them spread over several items.  Sorry! *YOU MUST BE SURE TO INDICATE WHICH ITEM YOU ARE ENTERING FOR, PLUS YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFO WHEN YOU PAY!*  You know, so we know who you are when you win, and how to contact you to get your winnings to you. 

**Over the weekend of June 12th, we’ll pull winners!  Winners will be selected at random from the PayPal receipts for each item.**  *THAT’S WHY IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO INDICATE WHICH ITEM AND YOUR NAME AND CONTACT WHEN YOU PAY!*  After winners are drawn, we’ll contact you about getting the item to you.  Can you dig it? 

This sounds fun, doesn’t it?  Join us!  Donate to us!  And please be patient and kind as this is our very first time organizing this particular kind of circus.  AND, as dear neighbor Karen Siebel, who has cashiered at the Yart Sale for decades, likes to say as she’s calculating your total, “remember, your money is going to a good cause.”