November ELNA Meeting — Board Elections

Turn out and vote for your ELNA Board at our next meeting, Monday November 14th, 2016.

The ELNA Board Election vote has been delayed one week from the usual first Monday of the month in deference to the General Election.

The entire November ELNA meeting of November 14th will be turned over to election business, very similar in format to the 2015 election. Please read this entire letter for information and Instructions.  With questions, email Lane at


Definitions and Procedures:

When and Where:

Monday, November 14th, 7-8 pm

New York School, 936 New York St

Cafeteria and Gym


Much like your average voting experience, you will visit a series of tables.  First, you will verify your membership.  If you are a current member, your name will be on a list of dues-paid members.  If you are not a current member, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a membership then.  Once your membership is verified, you will move to second table where you will receive your ballot.  After your ballot is filled in, you will turn it in at another table.

Because we must vacate the building by 10pm and the ballot counting process will take some time, we must limit the voting time frame to 7-8pm.  All persons wishing to cast a ballot must be in line to do so by 8pm.  All late arrivals, regrettably, must be turned away.

Ballots will then be tallied.  The top 13 vote-getters will be declared the 2016-2017 Board.  The results will then be released for publishing on the ELNA website as soon as possible.

Due to the logistical constraints of a large election, the new 2016-2017 Board will then meet at their convenience to determine officers.


  1. Of Conduct:

The League of Women Voters, Lawrence/Douglas County has graciously agreed to moderate our ELNA Board election this year, and has determined that these standard government election practices will be observed:

1) There will be no campaigning in or outside the building.

2) No campaign material will be left in the building

3) No one will leave the room with the ballot

4) Voters will arrive and depart in an efficient and orderly fashion

  1. Of Voting Eligibility:

All in-neighborhood individual (not business, nor non-profit, nor out-of-neighborhood associate) members are eligible to vote.  East Lawrence property owners with property title in their personal name will be permitted to vote as in-neighborhood members.  Proof of residence will not be required. A map of the official boundaries of East Lawrence will be available.


All candidates will have declared their intention to run for the ELNA Board at the October 3rd ELNA meeting.  All Board candidates must be voting eligible.  Officers of the Board (President, Vice President, and Secretary), must have been board members for at least ninety days, and no more than 35% of the total Board can be new members.  The current President of the Board is required to serve on the incoming Board, and therefore a maximum of 13 Board slots are available for election.  All Board members will please be available for a Board training in January of 2017, date to be determined.


Further information on each candidate, including personal questionnaires and contact information will be made available in the November/ December paper newsletter and the ELNA website.

Other Notes:

Disputes regarding officers, eligibility, the interpretation of the bylaws, or other unforeseen conflicts will be resolved by decision of a Board majority.



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