November ELNA Meeting and Election

ELNA Board Election 2017


The Election of the ELNA Board will take place on Monday November 6th, at our normally scheduled monthly meeting, in the New York Elementary library. Because we do not foresee an above average turnout for the election, as in recent years, we will NOT dedicate the entire meeting to election business.  We will have a regular meeting concurrent with the election.  An agenda as we know it will be posted here.



The meeting will be called to order as per usual, at approximately 7pm with approvals of the agenda and minutes if they are available.  The first item on the agenda will be the ELNA election.  All attendees will receive a ballot listing the names of the 14 Board candidates.  Voters will be asked to select 13 names. (Phil Collison, as current ELNA President, is required to serve on the Board in the year following his term.  His seat is not up for election.)  Attendees will be given a few minutes to fill their ballots in and the ballots will be collected in a ballot box.  After ballots are collected, the meeting will proceed with other agenda items, and the Coordinator will begin a tally.  Additional ballots and the ballot box will remain available for drop in voting until 8pm.  Voting will close at 8pm and the final votes tallied shortly thereafter.  After the 2017-2018 Board is selected, the new Board will select officers.  The meeting may continue with remaining agenda items until the meeting ends at or before 9pm.   


Voting Eligibility:

All in-neighborhood individual (not business, nor non-profit, nor out-of-neighborhood associate) members are eligible to vote.  East Lawrence property owners with property title in their personal name will be permitted to vote as in-neighborhood members.  Proof of residence will not be required. A map of the official boundaries of East Lawrence will be available.  Dues to become or renew a membership, $1 for in neighborhood members, can be paid the night of the election.



All candidates will have declared their intention to run for the ELNA Board at the October 3rd ELNA meeting.  All Board candidates must be voting eligible.  Officers of the Board (President, Vice President, and Secretary), must have been board members for at least ninety days, and no more than 35% of the total Board can be new members.


Candidates for the 2017-2018 Board are listed below.  Click on each name to view a photo and an interview of each.

Aaron Paden

Catherine Reed

Chris Lempa

Cindy Suenram

Dave Loewenstein

Eric Jay

Pam Blackburn

Jennifer Distlehorst

Joshua Davis

Judy Romero

KH Harris

KT Walsh

Mike Anderson

Vanessa Reynaga



Disputes regarding officers, eligibility, the interpretation of the bylaws, or other unforeseen conflicts will be resolved by decision of a Board majority.    




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