Mike Anderson

Board Candidate Interview

Election 2017


Name: Mike Anderson


Contact information: andersonforlawrence@gmail.com 785-414-9460



How long have you been in East Lawrence?

Since 2005


Why do you live here? What do you love about East Lawrence?

I love the vibe, the art, the culture. I love the development of the Ware House Arts District. I love seeing how hip the neighborhood has become. I love the block parties and community events.


What projects, new or existing, do you want to get involved with this year?

Finishing 9th street. The home tour.


What do you feel you have to offer to the Board and the neighborhood as a candidate?

Ways to help with financing the newsletter. I helped develop the sponsorship of the newsletter to help alleviate costs. I also volunteered to hand deliver half the newsletters to save on postage.


Anything else you’d like folks to know about you?

I want to continue my work on the board and be a voice for the people of East Lawrence.