KH Harris

Board Candidate Interview

Election 2017

Name: Katherine “KH” Harris

Contact information:  785-331-6740


How long have you been in East Lawrence?

25 years and lovin’ it

Why do you live here? What do you love about East Lawrence?

When we were looking to buy our house, we looked in East Lawrence specifically because we wanted to be in a place where people walk and hang out on their porches and generally are friendly.  Also wanted to avoid a cookie cutter designed area.  We wanted diversity. And artistic expression.  And we found it.

What projects, new or existing, do you want to get involved with this year?

Continue to work as the treasurer for ELNA.

What do you feel you have to offer to the Board and the neighborhood as a candidate?

I am open to listen to everyone’s opinions and consider them in my decisions for the neighborhood. Diversity of thought makes better options and decisions. As a community (local or national) we need to be better at truly listening to others.