Judy Romero

Board Candidate Interview 2017

Name: Judy Romero

Contact information: 785 760 2107 text please romejj565@gmail.com



How long have you been in East Lawrence?

I returned to Lawrence in 1999…18 years ago . I was born in Lawrence graduated LHS and KU. I left to explore the world in 1971. That’s about 43 years total I’ve lived in the neighborhood.


Why do you live here? What do you love about East Lawrence?

I grew up in this neighborhood and decided to live here again, so dad, Ramon Romero, built my house. I always liked the ‘quiet’ of the neighborhood. I liked the ‘old’ people of the 50s watching over us….and now I’m one of those ‘old’ people.


What projects, new or existing, do you want to get involved with this year?

I’m interested in the arts district and the 9th street project. I hope they maintain an art interest.

Safe sidewalks and lighting projects for the neighborhood are also of interest to me.

Safe alleys are also of interest to me. I often see people walking down my alley.

I’ve driven down some rough alleys west of Mass St. I hope East Lawrence alleys never get that bad.


What do you feel you have to offer to the Board and the neighborhood as a candidate?

As a resident of the neighborhood of 40 plus years, I see a balance between the old neighborhood feel with the new projects/ideas coming into the neighborhood. I’d like to be part of the change/balance of our area.


Anything else you’d like folks to know about you?

Since my return to Lawrence, I’ve met lots of interesting people in the neighborhood. They’ve made my life brighter and often fun.