Intersection Repair Project Update

“Intersection Repair” Project


Hello Friends!

I’m Alicia Kelly, sculptor, paper-cutter and general enthusiast of the arts. I moved to Lawrence ten years ago, and have been an active member of the arts community for the past seven years.


In the past six months, I have taken much notice and interest in community projects called Intersection Repairs that have been happening all over the US. Intersection Repairs, developed by the Portland, Oregon organization, City Repair, consist of painting murals directly onto residential intersections within a neighborhood. These engaging, collaborative artworks are intended to create a sense of identity among neighbors, while helping to calm traffic and promote local culture – a sense of ‘taking back the streets’ among the neighbors. Just Imagine the first Kansas Intersection Repair painted in Lawrence!

For more information on the project and organization in Portland, have a look at their websit


For the past three months, I have been working towards solidifying a proposal of an Intersection Repair in East Lawrence. Dave Lowenstein and the ELNA have been supportive and helpful in guiding the way, and sharing updates on this process in the ELNA enews. A month ago, a group of volunteer neighbors met and decided on an intersection to propose for the project, an intersection that seemed to be the best choice for Lawrence’s first Intersection Repair. We chose the intersection at 10th and New Jersey.


We met with Nancy DeGarmo, principal of New York Elementary, and she had great enthusiasm for the proposed project. She did inform us that street construction is planned for the summer/fall of 2015 between 9th and 10th of New Jersey.


The next step is to inform neighbors about the proposal and to collect volunteers needed for the design team.  Volunteers will hold a few meetings, and solidify a design. After which, the proposed intersection repair will be presented to the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission.


How will it be funded? In January and February of 2015, we will apply for grants- such as the Community Arts Grant hosted by the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission. We will also do active fund raising events!


We intend to have the design first laid down by volunteers with chalk. On one beautiful day in the fall of 2015, we’ll block party/potluck with members of the neighborhood/community, and everyone can help paint the intersection and leave their mark in Lawrence!


All it takes is one day to change a little bit of East Lawrence, and to add our ideas and creativity into the public view to improve the future of our charming community!



Alicia Kelly



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