Holiday Adopt a Family Project 2021


ELNA will organize an Adopt a Family for the Holidays project again this year.  Like years past, we’ll adopt one family through ECKAN.  But, unlike years past, at the request of ECKAN, we will purchase gift cards instead of presents to wrap for our family.

This year, we’ve been assigned a family of five:  

Adult male age 32, Adult female age 34, and three male children ages 15,13, and 11.  

We don’t know much about the family, but the ECKAN organizer made a few suggestions of places where we could purchase gift cards to give them.  

Ideas for the adult male — Orschelns, Home Depot, Walmart, Menards, Kohls

Ideas for the adult female — Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls

Ideas for the boys — Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target, Game Nut

But those are just ideas!  You can get a gift card for wherever you like to shop, wherever you might purchase a gift for a dad or a mom or a teenage boy, so long as it’s in Lawrence! Transportation outside of Lawrence might be an issue for our family, so we want to be sure they can shop for their gifts. 

We also need to provide some grocery/ gas cards.  You can get cards for Dillons, Hyvee, and Checkers for our family to purchase a holiday meal.  *A Dillons card can also be used to purchase gas, so those do double duty.*

You may purchase gift cards, or you can contribute cash or a check to the purchase of gift cards.  Email and let us know what gift cards you’d like to purchase, or to make arrangements for dropping of a check or cash contribution.  

There will be a drop off opportunity Saturday December 4th.  More details about that below.  We must have all our family’s gift cards to ECKAN by December 13th.  



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