Frank Janzen

last updated September, 2020

Our neighbor, Frank Janzen, has spent a quarter century or more of his life overseas.  Living abroad with his family as a child, and then traveling as an adult in the Army and as a teacher, he visited over 50 countries.  As Frank is now settled here in Lawrence, Kansas, and thinks his traveling days may be done, he’s sorting through mementos of his journeys and reflecting on his experiences.  Recently, Frank shared a collection of stories with us on the ELNA Board, and we enjoyed them, so we thought we might share them with you, our neighbors, serialized in multiple issues of our paper newsletter. As each story is shared, we’ll load it here on this page of our website for posterity.

La Morte D’Afrique, found in the July August 2020 and September October 2020 issues of the East Lawrence News.