ELNA Meeting October 2021

The ELNA Board and attending membership will meet again on Monday October 11th from 7-9pm on zoom. The agenda, along with a link to the meeting, can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gB0AhiF0GfBBCEDo_1bORk-EvjSc5ygIIDMyeWAnl-w/edit?usp=sharing

Special at this meeting are the annual Board Declarations.

Our annual Board of Directors election and all member meeting is coming up on Monday November 8th, 2021.  If you think you’d like to run for a position on the ELNA Board, you must attend our October meeting, Monday October 11th and declare your intention to run.  *OR for those without zoom access or other obstacles, please email Coordinator Lane at eastlawrence@yahoo.com BEFORE THE MEETING declaring your intention to run in November.*

Are you interested in volunteering to serve on the ELNA Board?  Are there issues in the neighborhood  you’d like to see addressed?  Do you feel you could speak for neighbors who are underrepresented in City processes and social mechanisms?  Unlike some boards, the ELNA board does not require a monetary investment in the organization, all we want is your time and effort.  ELNA board members are required to attend monthly meetings and are encouraged to champion projects and lend a hand in regular events and fundraising activities.  

As always, only in-neighborhood individual (not business or nonprofit or out-of-neighborhood associate) members are eligible to vote for the ELNA board. All Board members must be voting eligible.  Officers of the Board (President, Vice President, and Secretary) must have been board members for at least ninety days.  

Further questions can be addressed by reviewing the bylaws on the ELNA website or directed to the Coordinator at eastlawrence@yahoo.com.  



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