ELNA Board Elections

ELNA Board and Officers Elections


At this our yearly annual meeting, November 4th, we will again select our Neighborhood Association Board of Directors.


Board members serve a one year term and commit to attending monthly meetings held on the first Monday of each month, as well as to contributing their time to chosen projects.  Officers, including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, also serve a one year term in addition to their duties as Board members.  All officer positions except Treasurer are open for appointment at this time.


The President serves as leader to call meetings to order, call any special meetings outside of the monthly meeting, and as general Executive of the Board.  The Vice President serves as stand-in for the President, in case of his or her absence or inability to attend a meeting or event.  The Secretary’s duties include the composition of minutes voting records at each meeting, assisting the President and Vice President to compose an agenda for each meeting, and to compose other reports due to the City of Lawrence quarterly. Officers are elected by popular vote of the Board.  In order to become an ELNA Board member, you must have been a general member of ELNA for at least 90 days.


With questions, you may contact the ELNA Coordinator at eastlawrence@yahoo.com.  You may also peruse our bylaws, with details on the board and it’s objectives, at our website eastlawrence.com under the “Resources” tab.



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