ELNA Board Elections 2016 — Candidates for the Board

At the November 14th 2016 ELNA meeting, 7pm at New York School, ELNA members will vote for the 2016-2017 ELNA Board.  Of these 15 candidates alphabetically listed below, 13 will be selected.  President Aaron Paden is required by the bylaws to serve on the ELNA Board for the coming year, for a total of 14 ELNA Board members.  Board officers will be selected at the December meeting.

Candidates for the ELNA Board include:
(*denotes incumbent)
(Each highlighted name, when clicked, will redirect you to the candidate’s questionnaire.)

Mike Anderson
*Pam Blackburn
*Phil Collison
*Josh Davis (Penn St)
*Joshua Davis (New York St)
Jennifer Distlehorst
*Katherine Harris
*Eric Jay
Johni Lacore
Chris Lempa
*Dave Loewenstein
Timothy Morland
Catherine Reed
*Cindy Suenram
*Kt Walsh



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