ELNA Board Election Monday 11/11/19

The annual election of the ELNA Board of Directors will occur on Monday November 11th 2019, during our regular monthly meeting time,  7-9pm at the New York School library. Interested parties declared their intention to run for the Board at our October meeting.  Because we have 13 candidates, the precise number of open slots, we will  vote to accept the slate.

Declared candidates include:  KT Walsh, Kaitlin Stanley, Pam Blackburn, Dave Loewenstein, Kelly Rodriguez, Barry Shalinsky, Joshua Davis, Peggy Robinson, Brenda Nuñez, Catherine Reed, Aaron Paden, Hannah Sroor, and Kathryn Clark

As always, only in neighborhood individual (not business or nonprofit or out of neighborhood associate) members are eligible to vote for the ELNA board. Dues are payable at the time. 

Further questions can be addressed by reviewing the bylaws on the ELNA website or directed to the Coordinator at eastlawrence@yahoo.com. 



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