ELNA Adopts a Family

Want to help ELNA adopt a family for the holiday season?
Each year, the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association adopts a family in need through the Ballard Center.

In addition to the items listed we need to provide gift cards for a holiday meal (we can turn cash donations into gifts or gift cards if you prefer). Please coordinate with Christine Kosirog at ckosirog@yahoo.com on what you plan to purchase. so we don’t have duplicates.
Please bring all items to the wrapping party on Dec. 12 at the Percolator at 6:30 or email with Christine to organize  drop off at her house. Let us know if you have any questions. Happy shopping and THANK YOU!!!!!

Age Gender  Shirt Pant Shoe Gift ideas
44 f large nine 9.5 silverware, pots, pans, bath towels
17 f med nine nine make-up, earrings, hard rock music, clothes
12 m twelve boys twelve boys eight men Bay Blades, Ugio cards, Legos Ninjago. Coat
9 m ten boys ten boys seven men Bay Blades, Ugio cards, Legos Ninjago. Coat
8 f eight girls eight girls six girls barbie and barbie accessories. Make-up for dress up. Hair accessories.

If you would like to volunteer to donate items, contact Christine Kosirog, 218-6786 or ckosirog@yahoo.com, or Lane at eastlawrence@yahoo.com.



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