East Lawrence Outsider Art & Culture Tour

Saturday July 9th, 9am to Noon

Former ELNA Board member Suzan Hampton was awarded a Kansas Humanities grant for a neighborhood art and culture project called Make a Wish: Community Identity and Outsider Art in East Lawrence, Kansas. ELNA is the community sponsor of the project that consists of oral history interviews about art and culture landmarks in our neighborhood, a walking tour on July 9 from 9am – noon, and a tour transcript and map posted to the ELNA website for future self-guided explorations. 

Details are still being planned but the walking tour will start at 9am at the Wishing Bench, make several stops throughout East Lawrence, and will end at 12 noon at the Arts Emergency Art Market next to the Wishing Bench in time for a little shopping. The tour will be led by artist/Kansas Humanities Speaker Erika Nelson from Lucas (of the World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things fame) with guidance and live participation by East Lawrence artists and neighbors. The tour is free and is geared toward adults, though all are welcome. It must be capped at 30 participants, so please email Suzan at suzanhampton@gmail.com to reserve your spot, find out about participating as an artist or community member, and inquire about the oral interviews. Stay tuned to ELNA communications and social media for more details about this fun upcoming project!



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