Dave Loewenstein

ELNA Board 2015-16 Candidate Questionnaire:

YOUR NAME:  Dave Loewenstein

From the website: The purpose of the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association is to facilitate understanding with the City of Lawrence and Douglas County; to maintain and enhance living conditions; to foster communication in East Lawrence and to maintain good relations amongst neighbors, businesses, organizations and other neighborhoods in Lawrence.

As a board member, how would you contribute to ELNA’s mission?

I have many years of experience organizing and facilitating community – based art projects and issue driven campaigns and actions. I believe an open and equitable process is the most critical aspect to building trust within a board, and trust is crucial to achieving consensus. As an ELNA board member I would continue to share my organizing and facilitation skills as well as my experience of and love for our neighborhood.

How many full ELNA meetings have you been to in the past 12 months?


Have you volunteered, donated, or attended ELNA events? If so, which?

Yes, I have volunteered for the river cleanup, donated to the Yart sale and Block Party, and attended countless ELNA events and meetings.

What kind of project(s) would you like to pursue for the neighborhood?

A Conservation Overlay designed to celebrate the social and historical character of the neighborhood and to acknowledge the vulnerability of it to increased gentrification.

A neighborhood cultural center with a usable research archive and flexible space for community events and meetings.

A neighborhood grocery store.

How long have you lived in East Lawrence?   Why did you move here?

I have lived in East Lawrence for fifteen years and had my art studio here for eighteen years. I moved here because I love the people, am inspired by the heritage and continued commitment to social justice, the affordability, and because it is where many of my friends and peers live.

What are the major issues facing East Lawrence today?

Maintaining affordable housing for first time buyers and low-income renters.

Healthy and accessible food – a grocery store.

Pressure from outside interests to develop parts of the neighborhood into an arts/entertainment district.

How would you characterize the essence of the neighborhood?   

A dynamic working-class neighborhood with passionate and involved residents, a generous and empathetic spirit, and a serious commitment to fairness and inclusivity.

What other community / city boards/ groups do you belong to or attended regularly this past year?

I am a member (representing ELNA) of the Citizen Advisory Committee for the East Ninth Street project. I attend most City Commission meetings, many Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission meetings, and occasionally Historic Resources and Planning commission meetings.