Cultural Arts District UPDATE!

The Cultural Arts District overlaying Downtown and East Lawrence, with it’s many potential benefits and pitfalls for our neighborhood, is a hot topic in East Lawrence these days.  Chances are, dear neighbors, you’ve read about it, thought about it, and talked about it.  Now, you need to tell the City about it.

The Cultural District Task Force, consisting of 9 representatives and a City liaison, has been charged with making recommendations to the City Commission about how best to implement this Cultural Arts District.  (For your reference, here is the original Resolution No. 7021 by the City of Lawrence designating the focus of the Cultural District Task force: .)

Documents to outline the framework of the Cultural Arts District are currently being drafted.  (The latest draft can be viewed here.  Got any ideas about what language you’d like to see or have removed from the current draft?)  Now is the time to tell the Task Force your opinions regarding the District.  Please take a moment and fill out this simple online survey at .

The five minutes you take to share your thoughts will be greatly appreciated by the Task Force and East Lawrence.




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