Bylaw Update Pending

We’re updating our bylaws again.  You can view the current bylaws here, and the suggested changes Bylaws Suggestions.  


TLDR: Should we move the November annual meeting to the second Monday?  Instead of the first?  as it often conflicts with national and local elections.

Should we move all meetings to the second Mondays? We move our monthly meetings several times a year because the first Monday of the month is often a holiday.  Should we continue to just move the meetings as needed, or should we make a permanent change?
Changes to sections six and seven clarify how officers and LAN rep are to be selected, as well as contingencies for ties and long tallies in ELNA elections.
There are other items, but those are the highlights.  If you have input, please attend our upcoming June meeting, Monday June 4th, and participate in discussion or email your thoughts to Phil, Aaron, or Cindy  We anticipate approving the bylaw changes at the July ELNA meeting.



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