Burroughs Creek Clean Up

Saturday October 17th 

10am — Noon

We’re scheduling a Burroughs Creek clean up for Saturday October 17th, 10 to noon.  ELNA will provide trash bags and coffee.  Bring your own gloves.  You can pick up your clean up supplies, and grab a cup of coffee, at the intersection of the Burroughs Creek Trail and 12th street, by the Oread Friends building.  Then you can walk along the trail and pick up trash.  Bring your bags back to the starting point, and we’ll dispose of them.  Please plan to wave vigorously and shout hello with enthusiasm! to your neighbors, probably with a mask on, from a safe distance.  Children are welcome with supervision.  Friends and family are always welcome as well!  

Questions to Hannah hannahsroor0924@gmail.com.  



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