Board Elections at November 2014 ELNA Meeting

ELNA Board and Officers Elections

At this our yearly annual meeting, November 3rd, we will again select our Neighborhood Association Board of Directors. Please come and vote! You choose the Board that represents you, members of the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association!

At the meeting, in addition to voting, you may also declare your desire to serve on the Board, and toss in your hat for consideration. You must be a dues-paying ELNA member in order to vote or become a board member, but dues are payable on the night of the elections. Only members residing within the boundaries of East Lawrence are eligible to serve on the Board. In order to become an Officer of the Board, you must have been a general member of ELNA for at least 90 days.

In accordance will our Bylaws, the ELNA Board may not have more than 14 members – ten At-Large members, and four officers. All Board members serve a one year term and commit to attending monthly meetings held on the first Monday of each month, as well as to contributing their time to chosen projects. Officers, including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, also serve a one year term in addition to their duties as Board members. The Treasurer position is elected in June of each year, congruent with the fiscal cycle, and so not up for election at this time.

The President serves as leader to call meetings to order, call any special meetings outside of the monthly meeting, and as general Executive of the Board. The Vice President serves as stand-in for the President, in case of his or her absence or inability to attend a meeting or event. The Secretary’s duties include the composition of minutes voting records at each meeting, assisting the President and Vice President to compose an agenda for each meeting, and to compose other reports due to the City of Lawrence quarterly. Officers are elected by popular vote of the Board.

This year, as in years past but not in recent history, the ELNA Board of Directors will be selected by private ballot, so come with a writing utensil, prepared to fill out a form with your choice of board slate.

With questions, you may contact the ELNA Coordinator at



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