Block Party Thanks 2014

Special Thanks to all our musicans, volunteers, sponsors, informational tablers, and guests at our annual Block Party, September 28th 2014.

See you all next year!


Byron James and Sugarfoot Detour

Rebecca McAnulla and Clementine

Beth Breitenstien and Jasper


Lawrence Recycles

Douglas County Democrats with Voter Registration

Joanna Bonee and Cari Davis with the New York PTA

Kaw Valley Kickball League and KVLFK

Marci Ramsay and Positive Bright Start

KT Walsh and Bea VonHolten with the New York School Mural Project

Community Village Lawrence


Leslie Kay

The Habitat ReStore

Great Harvest Bread

Aimee’s Coffeehouse

Cottin’s Hardware

Au Marche

Liberty Hall

Decade Coffee

Up to Eleven Productions

Tenants to Homeowners

Lawrence Arts Center

The Bourgeous Pig

Hot Box Cookies

Tony Peterson

KT Walsh

Sylas and Maddy’s

Struct/ ReStruct

The ReCyclery

Ladybird Diner

Alicia Kelly


Checkers Foods

Schuyler and Quinton Westphal

Marshall Maude

Micheal Davis

Mike Myers

Joe Bickford

Josh Davis

Aaron Paden

Bob Rose

Mick Palmer

Jacki Becker

Phil Collison

Lindsey Frye

Chris Lempa

Brenda Nunez

Pam Blackburn

Scott Blackburn

Beth and Jay Holley

Lisa Marie and Russel Benke

Christine Kosirog

Tim VonHolten

Eric Farnsworth

Rowyn Fisher

Annie Neri

Eric and Josie Jay

John Gascon

Vickie Goetz

Wendy Barsotti





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