Block Party 2018

Thank you, friends, for coming to our party, and for all your help too!

Block Party Thanks

Raffle Items:
KT Walsh and Brad Gibson, Jennifer Shaw, Party America, Jennifer Glenn, KH Harris and Irene Tsuneta, Sharyn Harley and OmTree Shala, Catherine Reed, Lawrence Arts Center, Dave Loewenstein, Chasity Perkins and H&R Block, Michelle Johnson and Lawrence ReStore, Nadra Dangerfield, Lady Ironbeard, Sara Minges and Playful Awareness, Leslie Kay LFK Press, Terri Dixon, Tony Peterson, David Haigh

Trucking and Set Up:
Aaron Paden, Jason Fisher, Jonathan Jay Holley, Kitty Tinsman, David Haigh, Marshall Maude, Heather Eldridge

Sugarfoot Detour, Mick Palmer, Anil Kamat

Beer and Ice:
Lawrence Beer Company, Marshall Maude, Amanda Thompson and her lovely friend Heather, Jay and Beth Holley

Grill Masters!!:
Michael Davis, Brad Eldridge, Jake Bellucci, Rhino!

Raffle table:
Erin Grant, Arch Naramore, Heather Eldridge, Bill Dodd

Cake Game:
KJ Pittman, Linda Clark, Cindy Suenram, Cake Bakers!

Bike Station:
Mike Rheim, Eric Farnsworth, Mike Myers, Rowyn McAnulla Fisher

Info tables:
Community Village Lawrence, Lori Norwood and Friends of Lawrence Area Trails
The League of Women Voters, Nate Morches and partners and Trader’s Cache, Michelle Needham and Brian McClendon for Secretary of State, EPICenter and Dave Loewenstein, Jameelah Jones, Alex Kimball Williams

Aaron Paden

On the Rocks Liquor — sacks for silly hats, Tim vonHolten the world’s greatest MC, and
Jeff Eaton and Pride of Gumbo Press for our fabulous new shirts and possum stickers!