Block Party 2015 Thanks!


Thank you! That was a pretty good party, neighbors, and we couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time, donated raffle items, played music, and set up their tables to inform us about some stuff. And special thanks to everyone who brought delicious food for us to share!


Lindsey Frye

Russel and Lisa Marie Benke

Cindy Suenram and Arch Naramore

Gotfred Beardshear

Greg Herrod

Rowyn Fisher

Jason Fisher

Brenda Nunez

Pam and Scott Blackburn

Christine Kosirog

Blue O’Leary

Tim VonHolten

Cari Davis

Stephen Mason

Annie Neri

Eric and Josie Jay

Josh Davis

Joe Bickford

Mike Myers

Aaron Paden

KT Walsh

Michael Davis

Patrick Watkins

John Myers

John Sebelius

Phil Collison

Chris Lempa

Mike Rheim

Eric Farnsworth

Community Village Lawrence

Sunrise Project

Intersection Repair

Erin Adamson

Lawrence Percolator

Emily Myers

Jacki Becker

James Krause

Sugarfoot Detour


Tony Peterson


The Recyclery

Cottin’s Hardware

Ladybird Diner

Aimee’s Coffeehouse

La Familia

KH and Irene

Acme T-Shirt

Burger Stand

Dave Loewenstein

The Roost

Liberty Hall


Mass Relaxation

Yankee Tank Brewing

Pride of Gumbo Screen Printing


Lane Eisenbart did all the things, and her board won’t let her publish the list without including herself, even if it’s dumb.




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