Adopt a Family THANKS!

It’s ok to pat yourselves on the back a little bit, friends.  This year, we adopted two families instead of our usual one, and you all rose to the occassion beautifully.  Because, dang, that was a lot of presents. You gave money, you shopped, you wrapped presents, you had a little party, and together, we were able to bring some Christmas joy to a couple of local families.  Good job! Well done! Happy holidays to one and all!  

Aaron, Oscar, and Arlo Paden

Amanda Thompson

Arch Naramore and Cindy Suenram

Barry Shalinsky and Robin Rosenberg

Dave and Andrés Loewenstein

Diane Taveggia

Doug Byers

Frank Janzen

Hannah Sroor

Heather Coates and Scott Watson

Heather Hall

Janet Good

Joe and marci

Joshua Davis

Josie and Eric Jay

Judy Romero

Kelly Rodriguez

Kaitlin Stanley and Nicholas Ward

Krista and Josh Gentry

KT Walsh

Lane Eisenbart and Ro O’Leary

Matt Hall 

Michelle and Leon Fales

Pam Blackburn

Peggy Robinson and Shirley Braunlich

Phil Collison

Ryan McAdoo

Scott Frazier and Jim Garner




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