Adopt a Family for the Holidays

The winter holidays approach, and once again, East Lawrence is organizing an Adopt a Family project through our local Holiday Bureau.  Instead of our usual one large family, this year, we’re adopting two families of five. Each family has a wishlist — along with ages and sizes and special gift requests. If you’d like to contribute a gift, email us at and we’ll send you the list to peruse.

We need to provide at least one suit of clothing for each person, plus a gift for each, plus grocery cards for the family to purchase their holiday meal.  You are also welcome to contribute cash, and we can purchase gift cards or remaining gifts for the families. Gift wrap, tape, ribbons, and other wrapping materials are always welcome as well.  

We’ll host a wrapping party again this year too, on Wednesday December 11th, from 6-9pm at Aaron Paden’s photo studio at 835.5 Mass St. (Red door, upstairs above The Striped Cow.)   Bring your gifts ready to wrap, tags on (gift receipts preferred), labeled with the family number and the person’s age and gender.  (For example, you’d label some headphones you bought for a kid of Family 52: F#52, 16, M.) Please come and just help us wrap too, if you want.  We’ll have refreshments.  

If you’d like to donate cash or gift cards, it’d be dandy if you could get those to us on or by Monday December 9th.  We have an ELNA meeting that evening 7-9pm in the New York School library, so bring your cash or gift card donation then maybe.  Need another solution? Just email me and we can arrange something. 

So!  Looks like we’ve got some fun folks to buy for.  Elder and younger guy matching Adidas pants? Yes please.   Have a look at the list, and let us know what you’d like to purchase.  Let us know too if you’ve got questions.  



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