Historic Information

Visit the Murphy Brommelsick House in Hobbs Park at 11th and Delaware, and read about it’s history in the Murphy Brommelsick House brochure, created after it’s revitalization in 2001.

Historic Warren Street (East Ninth) Timeline 1819-2016, by Dennis Domer

History of East Lawrence — An illuminating document from the 1995 East Lawrence Neighborhood Revitalization Act

Dave Evans! — a repository for the research notes of East Lawrence’s honorary historian Dave Evans.

Historic Districts in East Lawrence — MORE MAPS!  East Lawrence is home to the North Rhode Island Historic District, the South Rhode Island Historic District, and the East Lawrence Industrial Historic District, listed on both the Douglas County and the National Registries of Historic Places.

Other homes of historical interest in East Lawrence can be found on the National Register of Historic Places.

And speaking of historic homes, the Lawrence Preservation Alliance created a handy Guide to Owning a Historic Home, current as of fall 2017.
Did you know New York School was built by New Deal workers? https://livingnewdeal.org/projects/new-york-elementary-school-lawrence-ks/?  Here’s an interesting, interactive site about New Deal Project locations and structures still in use, 75 years after FDR! The Living New Deal